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good luck, Cornicello Hallmarked Arezzo TUSCANY Italy 800 Silver Horn AMULET Protection Talisman Charm ITALIAN Horn



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Greetings.On hornoffer, hornan hornold hornItalian hornsilver hornamulet hornfor hornluck hornand hornprotection horncalled hornCornicello, hornor hornCorno.These hornare hornall hornItalian hornvariants hornof hornthe hornword horn"horn", hornafter hornwhich hornthe horncharm hornis hornmodeled. hornThe hornCornicello hornis hornan hornancient hornItalian hornamulet hornfor hornprotection. hornThis hornCornicello hornis hornin horn"800 hornSilver" hornDimensions:2 horn1/8" hornlong, horn hornincluding hornhanging horn hornbale.Maximum hornwidth hornat horntop hornis hornapprox horn5/16"Weight: horn4.1 horngramsMarkings hornare hornon hornthe hornbale:~ horn"800" hornfor horn800 hornsilver horn~ horn87 hornAR"87" hornwhich hornis hornthe hornregistration hornnumber hornfor hornthe hornsilversmith/ horncompany horn"AR" horn hornThe hornhallmark hornhas hornthe hornletters horn"AR", hornstanding hornfor hornthe hornProvince hornof hornArezzo, hornTuscany, hornItaly. hornCondition: horn hornUsed, hornworn. horn hornLight hornmarkings.This hornpendant hornhas hornbeen hornoft hornworn, hornand hornalso hornwell horncared hornfor. hornIt hornretains hornits hornoriginal horntarnish, hornpatina, hornand horntexture hornand hornmarkings hornthat horncome hornfrom hornage hornand hornbeing hornworn.This hornCorno hornis hornin horngood, hornvintage horncondition. hornReady hornto hornwear! hornI hornwill hornsend hornit hornwith horna hornlong hornblack hornsilky horncord hornin hornsmall hornjewelry horngift hornbox, hornready hornto hornwear hornor horngive hornas horna horngreat horngift.***PLEASE hornNOTE: hornThis hornitem hornships hornonly hornto hornthe hornUnited hornStates hornvia hornUSPS hornFirst hornClass hornMail. horn hornThis hornitem hornships hornonly hornto hornthe horn48 hornContinental hornStates. hornI hornam hornhappy hornto horncombine hornshipping hornfor hornsmall hornitems hornand hornjewelry hornitems hornin hornthe hornUSPS hornPriority hornMail hornflat hornrate hornbox. horn*******I hornaccept hornpayment hornthrough hornPaypal.Please hornfeel hornfree hornto hornask hornany hornquestions, hornI'll hornbe hornhappy hornto hornreply horn:)Thank hornyou hornfor hornvisiting hornmy hornshop!

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