Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1970s vintage butterfly brooch pin with wire antennaemade in taiwan, enamel on metalmade in taiwan, blue and goldmade in taiwan, made in Taiwanmade in taiwan, long tailed



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Vintage 1970s vintage70s 1970s vintagebrooch 1970s vintageof 1970s vintagea 1970s vintagebutterfly. 1970s vintageComprised 1970s vintageof 1970s vintageseveral 1970s vintagedifferent 1970s vintageparts 1970s vintageriveted 1970s vintagetogether. 1970s vintageMade 1970s vintagein 1970s vintageTaiwan 1970s vintagethough 1970s vintagethe 1970s vintagesticker 1970s vintageis 1970s vintageno 1970s vintagelonger 1970s vintagepresent. 1970s vintageThin 1970s vintagegold 1970s vintagetone 1970s vintagemetal 1970s vintagesheet, 1970s vintagepress-formed 1970s vintagewith 1970s vintagean 1970s vintageenamel 1970s vintagetop 1970s vintagefor 1970s vintagethe 1970s vintagewings. 1970s vintageThe 1970s vintagewings 1970s vintageare 1970s vintagepretty 1970s vintagein 1970s vintageperson 1970s vintage- 1970s vintagethey're 1970s vintageso 1970s vintagehigh 1970s vintagegloss 1970s vintageI 1970s vintagecouldn't 1970s vintagequite 1970s vintagecapture 1970s vintagethe 1970s vintagesubtle 1970s vintagedetail 1970s vintagein 1970s vintagethe 1970s vintagecolor. 1970s vintageLightweight. 1970s vintageExcellent 1970s vintagecondition, 1970s vintageno 1970s vintageflaws. 1970s vintageMeasures 1970s vintageabout 1970s vintage2" 1970s vintagetall 1970s vintagex 1970s vintage2.5" 1970s vintagewide. 1970s vintageShips 1970s vintagein 1970s vintagea 1970s vintagegift 1970s

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