Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

country home, rustic vintage snowman Christmas pin brooch



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Vintage primitive snowmansnowman primitive snowmanpin primitive snowmanwith primitive snowman3 primitive snowmandimensional primitive snowmandetails, primitive snowmanright primitive snowmandown primitive snowmanto primitive snowmanhis primitive snowmancrooked primitive snowmancarrot primitive snowmannose. primitive snowmanMade primitive snowmanof primitive snowmanhard primitive snowmanplastic primitive snowmanor primitive snowmanresin. primitive snowmanExcellent primitive snowmancondition, primitive snowmanno primitive snowmanflaws. primitive snowmanMeasures primitive snowman2.25" primitive snowmantall primitive snowmanx primitive snowman primitive snowmana primitive snowmanlittle primitive snowmanover primitive snowman1" primitive snowmanwide.Ships primitive snowmanin primitive snowman primitive snowmana primitive snowmangift primitive snowmanbox.I primitive snowmancombine primitive snowmanshipping primitive snowmanon primitive snowmanmultiple primitive

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