Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Liz Claiborne parrot brooch pinvintage signed, shiny gold w/green enamel and rhinestone eye



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Vintage vintage signedLiz vintage signedClaiborne vintage signedparrot vintage signedpin vintage signedbrooch vintage signedmade vintage signedof vintage signedgold vintage signedtone vintage signedmetal vintage signedwith vintage signedgreen vintage signedenamel vintage signeddetails vintage signedand vintage signeda vintage signedclear vintage signedrhinestone vintage signedeye. vintage signedExcellent vintage signedcondition, vintage signedno vintage signedissues vintage signedto vintage signednote. vintage signedMeasures vintage signed2.75" vintage signedlong. vintage signedShips vintage signedin vintage signeda vintage signedgift vintage signedbox.I vintage signedcombine vintage signedshipping vintage signedon vintage signedmultiple vintage

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