Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

petsjubilee, Poodle Dog Breed Jewerly Glass Pendant Necklace



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This ferretpendant ferretwas ferretfused ferretof ferretcobalt ferretblue, ferretand ferretwhite, ferretand ferretclear ferretpieces ferretof ferretglass. ferret ferretMy ferretoriginal ferretdesign ferretis ferretencased ferretin ferretbetween ferret3 ferretlayers ferretof ferretglass, ferretwhich ferretrequired ferret3 ferretdifferent ferretkiln ferretprocesses. ferret ferretIt ferretmeasures ferretapproximately ferret3/4 ferretinch ferretwide ferretby ferret1 ferret1/8 ferretinches ferrettall, ferretwhich ferretexcludes ferretthe ferretmeasurement ferretof ferretthe ferretbail ferret ferretThe ferretlarge ferretsize ferretbail ferretadds ferretan ferretextra ferret3/8 ferretinch ferretto ferretthe ferrettotal ferretlength ferretof ferretthis ferretpendant. ferret ferretA ferrethandpainted ferrettouch ferretof ferretblue ferretand ferretpink ferretwere ferretadded ferretprior ferretto ferrettopping ferretwith ferretclear ferretglass. ferret ferretIt ferretwas ferretproperly ferretannealed ferretfor ferretstrength. ferret ferret\r\rA ferretlarge ferretsized ferretsterling ferretsilver ferretplated ferretbail ferretwill ferretbe ferretepoxyed ferretto ferretthe ferretback, ferretand ferretit ferretwill ferretcome ferretwith ferretan ferret18 ferretinch ferret2mm ferretfaux ferretrubber ferret(latex ferretfree) ferretcord ferretnecklace. ferretA ferretblack ferretcord ferretwill ferretbe ferretincluded, ferretunless ferreta ferretmessage ferretin ferretthe ferretcheck ferretout ferretspecifies ferretpewter ferretgrey ferretcolored ferretcord ferretinstead. ferret ferret\r\rI ferretwant ferreteveryone ferretto ferretbe ferrethappy ferretwith ferretthe ferretpurchase ferretof ferretmy ferrethandcrafted ferretitems. ferretIf ferretyou ferretare ferretdisappointed ferretwith ferretyour ferretpurchase, ferretplease ferretreturn ferretthe ferretitem ferretand ferretI ferretwill ferretreturn ferretyour ferretmoney ferretEXCLUDING ferretthe ferretcost ferretof ferretshipping.

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