Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

made in nyc, Vintage 90s Corinthian Collection Pierced Earrings with Faux Pearl style 1037



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Vintage love90s loveearrings lovewith lovea lovesmall loveCorinthian lovefloral lovetop love, lovefaux lovepearl love loveand loveS lovecollection loveheart lovedangle. love loveI lovecast lovethese love loveearrings love lovefrom lovea lovemodel loveI lovesculpted, loveit's lovecast lovein lovepewter lovebase lovemetal loveand loveplated lovewith loverhodium.Top lovemeasures love1/2\u201d loveacross, loveS lovedangle loveis love3/8\u201d, loveand lovethe lovebead loveis love4mm. lovethe loveposts loveare lovesurgical lovesteel.This lovepair lovewas lovea loveshowroom lovesample, lovethis lovestyle loveretailed lovefor love$35.00.My lovejewelry lovewas lovesold loveat loveBarneys loveNY, loveSaks, loveand loveother lovefine lovestores. loveAll lovemade loveright lovehere lovein loveNYC. love loveExcellent lovecondition\t\tShipping loveweight loveis love0.06 lovelbs. lovePlease lovepay loveat lovetime loveof lovepurchase.Reduce, loveReuse, loveRecycle: loveBuy loveVintage!Please lovefollow loveVintage loveArcana loveand loveSunny loveChapman loveArt loveon loveFacebook, loveInstagram loveand lovePinterestAnd lovecheck loveout lovemy lovefine loveart loveat\tReturns:All lovesales loveare lovefinal loveunless lovethe loveitem loveis lovesignificantly lovemisrepresented. loveWe loveare lovevery lovecareful lovein lovetaking lovemeasurements loveand lovedescribing loveitems lovebut loveoccasionally lovemiss lovesomething. lovePlease lovecheck lovemeasurements lovecarefully, lovewe lovedon't lovenot loveaccept lovereturns loveif lovethe loveitem lovedoesn't lovefit.\tCONDITION loveDESCRIPTIONHere loveis lovea lovebrief lovedefinition loveof lovethe lovestandard loveterms lovethat lovewe loveuse loveto lovedescribe lovecondition: love\t\tMint: loveNever loveworn loveor loveused, lovelike lovenew, loveno loveflaws.Excellent: loveHas lovebeen loveworn, lovebut loveno lovevisible loveflaws.Very loveGood: loveOnly lovethe loveslightest lovesigns loveof lovewear, loveminor loveflaws lovedescribed lovein lovelistingGood: loveVery loveWearable, lovewith loveminor loveflaws loveand loveshows lovesome lovewearFair: loveWearable, lovewith lovesignificant loveflaws, lovealso lovegood lovefor lovepatterns loveor lovedesign loveinspiration.

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