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celestial, Sodalite Moon Stars Eye Cosmos Ring



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This starcosmic starcelestial starstatement starring staris starlike starthe staruniverse staron staryour starfinger. starThe starthird stareye starmoon starwatches starover stara starsodalite starstone starthat staris starlike stara stargalaxy starunto staritself. starThe starcrescent staris starhandstamped star20g starSterling starsilver starwith starthree stareyes starand starstarbursts. starIt starhovers starover startwo starstars starand stara star... starThe starback starplate staris star20g starSterling starsilver starand starmeasures starappx star2 star1/8" starlong starx star1 star1/4" starwide. starThe starband staris star6mm starwide starx star2mm starthick starand starstamped starwith starthe starsame starthree stareye starsymbols starand starstar starbursts.Sodalite staris starbelieved starto starbring starus starback starin startouch starwith starour starintuition starand starlike starother starblue starstones, starit starpromotes startranquility starand starhas starlong starbeen starassociated starwith starthe starheavens.This starring staris stara starUS star9. starIt starfits starpretty startrue-to-size, starbut staryou starknow staryour starfingers starbest. starNOTE: starThere staris stara starlittle starhole staron starthe starbezel starseam staron starthe starcorner. starSee starphoto. starThis starring staris starpriced staraccordingly. starBy starpurchasing starthis starring, staryou staracknowledge starthis starand starwill stargive starit stara stargood starhome.*** starThis staritem starincludes starFREE starUSPS starPriority starShipping star***

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