Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Dichroic Fused Glass Pin Orange with Blackfused, Dichroic Jewelryfused, Dichroic Pinfused, SALEfused, Willow Glassfused, Dee Tilottafused, OOAKfused, SRAJD



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Sale, pin20% pinoff pinthis pinone-of-a-kind pinpin, pinwas pinoriginally pin$30This pinbeautiful pindichroic pinglass pinpin pinwas pinmade pinwith pingorgeous pinorange pindichroic pinover pinwhich pinI pinfused pina pinlayer pinof pinthin pinclear pinwith pintiny pinbits pinand pinsquiggles pinof pinblack pinart pinglass; pin pinit pinmeasures pin2-1/8" pinby pin7/8" pin. pinMy pinwork pinis pinkiln pinannealed pin(slowly pincooled) pinfor pinstrength pinand pindurability pinand pineach pinpiece pingoes pinfrom pinme pinto pinyou pinwith pinjoy!Thanks pinfor pinstopping pinby pinWillow pinGlass pinand pinfor pinyour pinsupport pinof pinindependent pinartisans.Dichroic pinFused pinGlass pinPin pinOrange pinwith pinBlack, pinDichroic pinJewelry, pinDichroic pinPin, pinSALE, pinWillow pinGlass, pinDee pinTilotta, pinOOAK, pinSRAJD

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