Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hammered, Wire wrapped Circle pendant shades of purple



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Hammered circlesilver circlewire circlecircle circleaccented circlewith circlepurple circlehued circlebeads circleand circleswarovski circlecrystals. circleHangs circlefrom circlea circledainty circlesilver circlechain circlethat circlemeasures circle16" circlewith circlea circle2" circleextender.****** circleI circlelove circleto circledo circlecustom circlework, circleif circleyou circlelove circlethis circledesign circleand circlestyle circlecontact circleme circleso circlewe circlecan circlework circletogether circleon circleyour circle circlecustom circlepiece. circleOptions circlewould circleinclude circlewire circlecolor circleand circlebead circlecolor*******

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