Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hammered Copperfor her, Czech Glass Beadsfor her, Fall Necklacefor her, Wire Wrappedfor her, Short Necklace



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Hammered for herCopper for herLeaf for hercomponents for herwere for herhammered for herand for hershaped for herby for herhand for herto for hercompliment for herthis for herbeautiful for hermix for herof for herCzech for herglass for herbeads. for herThe for hercolors for herare for herperfect for herfor for herfall. for herI for heralmost for heralways for hermix for hermetals for herso for heryou for hershouldn't for herbe for hersurprised for herby for herthe for hermix for herof for hersilver for herand for hercopper. for herThis for hernecklace for hermeasures for her17' for herbut for herI for herwould for herbe for herglad for herto for heradjust for herthe for herlength for herto for herfit for heryour for herneeds.This for herwill for herbe for hershipped for heron for hera for herbranded for hernecklace for hercard for herperfect for herto for hergive for heras for hera for hergift!

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