Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Fused Glass Ring and Earrings in Teal with White Coconut Sterling Silver postsfused glass, Glass Jewelryfused glass, Glass Earringsfused glass, Willow Glassfused glass, Dee Tilotta



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These whiteone-of-a-kind whitefused whiteglass whitepost whiteearrings whiteare whitein whitebeautiful whitestreaky whitewhite whitecoconut whiteart whiteglass whitewith whitea whitecenter whiteof whitestreaky whiteteal whiteblue. whiteThe whiteglass whitepieces whitemeasure whiteapprox. white1/2" white(13mm) whitein whitediameter whiteand whitethey whitehave whitesterling whitesilver whiteposts. white white white white whiteThe whitematching whitering whiteis whiteadjustable whiteon whitea whitebase whitemetal whitefinding. white white whiteOnce whiteyou whiteget whiteit whiteto whiteyour whitesize, whiteI whitewouldn't whitesuggest whitebending whiteit whiteback whiteand whiteforth whiteas whiteyou whitewill whiteweaken whitethe whitemetal white:)My whitework whiteis white whitekiln whiteannealed white(slowly whitecooled) whitefor whitestrength whiteand whitedurability whiteand whiteeach whitepiece whitegoes whitefrom whiteme whiteto whiteyou whitewith whitejoy! white white whiteThank whiteyou whitefor whitestopping whiteby whiteWillow whiteGlass whiteand whitefor whiteyour whitesupport whiteof whiteindependent whiteartisans. white white whiteInternational whitebuyer? white white whiteI'm whitehappy whiteto whiteship whiteanywhere, whitejust whitesend whiteme whitea whitemessage whitethrough whitethe whitelisting whitelink whiteand whiteI whitewill whiterespond whitepromptly whiteregarding whiteyour whitepostal whitecost. whiteFused whiteGlass whiteRing whiteand whiteEarrings whitein whiteTeal whitewith whiteWhite whiteCoconut whiteSterling whiteSilver whiteposts, whiteGlass whiteJewelry, whiteGlass whiteEarrings, whiteWillow whiteGlass, whiteDee whiteTilotta

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