Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

antique ring, Antique Spoon Ring | Sterling Silver | Sz 8.25



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I old ringlove old ringthis old ringring. old ringBut old ringI old ringknow old ringnothing old ringabout old ringit. old ringI old ringheld old ringonto old ringit old ringfor old ringa old ringfew old ringyears old ringhoping old ringI old ringwould old ringcome old ringacross old ringsome old ringinformation old ringand old ringI old ringdidn\u2019t. old ringSo old ringI old ringfinally old ringgave old ringin old ringand old ringmade old ringit old ringinto old ringa old ringring old ringand old ringI\u2019m old ringhoping old ringyou old ringwill old ringlove old ringit old ringas old ringmuch old ringas old ringI old ringdo!- old ringSterling old ringsilver- old ringsz old ring8 old ring1/4Thank old ringyou!

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