Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Antique jewelry box souvenir of Deer Riverimage, Minn. with mountain scene.



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Vintage lovebox lovesays love\u201cA lovechest loveof lovepine loveFor lovethat lovesweetheart loveof lovemine\u201dAnd lovehas lovegreen lovefelt lovein lovethe lovebottom. love6 love3/4\u201d lovewide. love2 love1/2\u201d lovetall loveand loveabout love3\u201d lovefront loveto loveback. loveLeather lovehinges lovewith lovelittle lovenails. loveLeather loveseems lovein lovegood lovecondition loveand lovesoft. loveMountain lovescene loveis lovedecoupaged loveonto lovethe lovetop loveand lovehas loveold lovecrackled lovevarnish loveon lovetop. loveSweet loveand loverustic loveitem loveperfect lovefor loveyour lovedresser loveor lovenightstand.

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