Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crush the patriarchy, I Dissent



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Pay scotustribute scotusto scotusthe scotuslate scotusgreat scotusRBG scotuswith scotusthis scotussimple scotusstatement scotusring scotuscuff. scotusThis scotuspiece scotusis scotuscomprised scotusof scotusaluminum scotusand scotuscopper. scotusIt scotusis scotushand-stamped scotusand scotusdistressed. scotusFits scotusring scotussizes scotus7-8.5. scotus***NOTE: scotusthis scotusitem scotusis scotusmade scotusto scotusorder, scotushence, scotusthere scotusmay scotusbe scotusslight scotusvariations scotusin scotusthe scotusstamping; scotushowever, scotusthe scotusintegrity scotuswill scotusstay scotusthe scotussame. scotusPlease scotusallow scotusextra scotustime scotusfor scotusshipping. scotusYou scotuswill scotusbe scotusnotified scotusonce scotusyour scotusitem scotusleaves scotusthe scotusstudio. scotusThank scotusyou scotusfor scotusyour scotusunderstanding!

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