Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Auger seashellhobo, prehnite gemhobo, and Swarovski crystal pendant or tailsman



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Beautiful auger shellauger auger shellseashell auger shellwrapped auger shellin auger shellpolymer auger shellclay auger shelland auger shellusing auger shella auger shellprehnite auger shellcabochon auger shelland auger shellswarovski auger shellcrystal auger shellgem. auger shellMeasures auger shell3 auger shell1/2" auger shelllongPrehnite auger shellis auger shellconsidered auger shellthe auger shellstone auger shellfor auger shellunconditional auger shelllove. auger shellThe auger shellAuger auger shellis auger shellboth auger shellmasculine auger shelland auger shellfeminine, auger shell auger shellrepresenting auger shellcompleteness. auger shellAugers auger shellare auger shellpopular auger shellfor auger shellMagick auger shellwands auger shelland auger shellprotective auger shellcharms.

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