Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tailsman, Quarter Moon pendant tailsman with sodalite cabochon and cobalt blue titanium quartz



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Handmade chakraQuarter chakraMoon chakrapendant chakratailsman. chakraMade chakrafrom chakrapolymer chakraclay chakrawith chakraa chakrasodalite chakracabochon chakraas chakrathe chakracenter chakrapiece chakraand chakracobalt chakrablue chakratitanium chakraquartz chakragrowing chakraout chakrathe chakrasides chakraof chakrathe chakramoon. chakraTitanium chakraquartz chakrais chakra"The chakracrystal chakrafor chakraseeker" chakra chakraHelps chakrawith chakrathird chakraeye chakraChakra chakraand chakrapsychic chakravisions. chakraSodalite chakraencourages chakrarational chakrathought, chakratruth chakraand chakraintuition.

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