Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pink glass rhinestone heart broochprong set, 3d leaf sweater pin



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Vintage shocking pinkrhinestone shocking pinkpin shocking pinkin shocking pinkthe shocking pinkshape shocking pinkof shocking pinka shocking pinkleaf shocking pinkor shocking pinkheart. shocking pinkUnsigned shocking pinkbut shocking pinkwell shocking pinkmade shocking pinkwith shocking pinka shocking pinklittle shocking pinkweight, shocking pinkjuicy shocking pinkvibrant shocking pinkpeach shocking pinkcolor shocking pinkand shocking pinknice shocking pinkquality shocking pinkgold shocking pinktone shocking pinkmetal. shocking pinkExcellent shocking pinkcondition, shocking pinkno shocking pinkflaws. shocking pinkI shocking pinkam shocking pinkconfident shocking pinkit's shocking pinkdesigner shocking pinkdespite shocking pinkthe shocking pinklack shocking pinkof shocking pinka shocking pinkmarking. shocking pinkMeasures shocking pink1.75" shocking pinktall shocking pinkand shocking pink1.25" shocking pinkwide.Ships shocking pinkin shocking pinka shocking pinkgift shocking

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