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pendant, Rustic two Hole Milkweed Ceramic Pendant



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This wild flowersRustic wild flowerstwo wild flowersHole wild flowersMilkweed wild flowersCeramic wild flowersPendant wild flowersis wild flowershandmade wild flowersby wild flowersMary wild flowersHarding wild flowersfrom wild flowersstoneware wild flowersceramic wild flowersclay. wild flowers wild flowersIt wild flowershas wild flowersbeen wild flowersfired wild flowersin wild flowersmy wild flowersdigitally wild flowerscontrolled wild flowersceramic wild flowerskiln wild flowersto wild flowerscone wild flowers5 wild flowers(over wild flowers2100 wild flowersdegrees wild flowersF.) wild flowersThe wild flowerstiny wild flowersblue wild flowersflowers wild flowershave wild flowersbeen wild flowerspainted wild flowerspetal wild flowersby wild flowerspetal. wild flowersStringing wild flowersholes wild flowersare wild flowersabout wild flowers3 wild flowersmm.

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