Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Moon celestial giftand celestial giftstar celestial giftearrings celestial giftin celestial gifta celestial giftpretty celestial giftcobalt celestial giftblue celestial giftcolor celestial giftsmooth celestial giftstained celestial giftglass. celestial gift celestial giftSilver celestial giftplated celestial giftmoon celestial giftand celestial giftstar. celestial giftSapphire celestial giftSwarovski celestial giftcrystal celestial giftaccents. celestial gift celestial giftThese celestial gifthave celestial giftsterling celestial giftsilver celestial gift celestial giftear celestial giftwires celestial giftand celestial giftmeasure celestial gift1 celestial gift3/8 celestial giftinches celestial giftlong.Also celestial giftavailable celestial giftin celestial giftgold.Gift celestial giftbox celestial giftincluded.

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