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Material: amber earringBaltic amber earringAmber; amber earring925 amber earringSterling amber earringSilverEarrings amber earringTotal amber earringLength: amber earring1.18"Total amber earringWeight: amber earring3.26 amber earringgStone amber earringsize: amber earring0.15"These amber earringelegant, amber earringone amber earringof amber earringa amber earringkind amber earringsterling amber earringsilver amber earringhoney amber earringBaltic amber earringamber amber earringFrench amber earringlever amber earringback amber earringdangling amber earringearrings amber earringin amber earringthe amber earringshape amber earringof amber earringa amber earringflower amber earringwith amber earringa amber earringsmall amber earringamber amber earringstone amber earringin amber earringthe amber earringcenter amber earringcan amber earringbe amber earringworn amber earringfor amber earringany amber earringoccasion. amber earringSince amber earringamber amber earringis amber earringa amber earringnatural amber earringstone, amber earringits amber earringshape amber earringand amber earringsize amber earringmay amber earringvary amber earringslightly. amber earringHandcrafted amber earringin amber earringEurope.

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