Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho vintage mixed metals and leather bow collar necklacewomens jewelry, Alexis Kirk style black silver brass copper



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Unusual mixed metalsvintage mixed metalscollar mixed metalsnecklace mixed metalscomprised mixed metalsof mixed metalsmixed mixed metalsmetals mixed metalsand mixed metalsblack mixed metalsleather mixed metalswith mixed metalsa mixed metalsmetal mixed metalsbow mixed metalsas mixed metalsthe mixed metalsfocal mixed metalspoint. mixed metalsUnhooks mixed metalson mixed metalsthe mixed metalsside. mixed metalsSuper mixed metalscool. mixed metalsMeasures mixed metals20" mixed metalslong. mixed metalsExcellent mixed metalscondition, mixed metalsno mixed metalsflaws. mixed metalsPossibly mixed metalsan mixed metalsAlexis mixed metalsKirk mixed metalspiece.Ships mixed metalsin mixed metalsa mixed metalsgift mixed

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