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summer, Flower Pendant Ceramic Stoneware by Mary Harding 3 dimensional-- Stringing Hole in Center Handmade



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This summerFlower summerPendant summerby summerMary summerHarding summeris summer summer3 summerdimensional summerand summerhas summera summerstringing summerhole summerin summerthe summercenter. summer summerIt summeris summerHandmade summerfrom summerstoneware summerceramic summerclay summerand summerhas summerbeen summerfired summerin summermy summerdigital summerceramic summerkiln summerto summerover summer2100 summerdegrees summerF. summer summerA summergolden summeryellow summerover summerbrown summerglaze summer summerhas summerbeen summerhand summerpainted summeron summerto summerthe summerflower summermaking summer summerit summera summerunique summerone summerof summera summerkind summerjewelry summercomponent summerfor summeryour summerhandmade summerartisan summercreations. summer summerSize summeris summerabout summer1 summer1/2 summerinches summerin summerdiameter. summerSee summerphoto summerfor summermeasurement. summer summerThis summerhandmade summerflower summeris summersuitable summerfor summerstringing, summerbead summerembroidery, summerloom, summerand summeroff summerloom summerbeading. summer summerIt summeradds summera summerdynamic summertouch summerto summeryour summerwork.

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