Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mary, Our Lady of Tears Bellano Antique Silver and Enamel Hand Painted Religious Medal



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Our our ladyLady our ladyof our ladyTears our ladyBellano, our ladyLezzeno our ladyItaly our ladysolid our ladysilver our ladyand our ladyenamel our ladyhand our ladypainted our ladyreligious our ladymedal, our ladyappears our ladyto our ladybe our lady800/1000 our ladysilver. our lady our ladyApproximately our lady24 our ladymm, our lady4 our ladygrams. our ladyLate our lady18th/early our lady19th our ladycentury. our lady our ladyInscription our ladyis our lady\u201cBV our ladydi our ladyLezzeno, our ladySopra our ladyBellano\u201d our lady(Italian) our ladyor our lady\u201cBV our lady(Blessed our ladyVirgin) our ladyof our ladyLezzeno, our ladyAbove our ladyBellano\u201d(English). our lady our ladyLezzeno our ladyis our ladya our ladysmall our ladyvillage our ladyon our ladythe our ladybanks our ladyof our ladyLake our ladyComo our ladywhere our ladya our ladystatus our ladyof our ladyOur our ladyLady our ladywas our ladysaid our ladyto our ladycry our ladytears our ladyof our ladyblood our ladyin our lady1688. our lady our lady our ladyThere our ladyis our ladya our ladysmall our ladyspot our ladyabove our ladythe our ladyBlessed our ladyVirgin\u2019s our ladyhead our ladywhere our ladythe our ladyenamel our ladycoating our ladyhas our ladychipped our ladya our ladylittle. our lady our ladyShipping our ladyto our ladycontinental our ladyUS our ladyonly.

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