Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pot metal flower brooch pindepression era, silver tone with blue and aqua rhinestonesdepression era, signed HYG



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Vintage older vintagepot older vintagemetal older vintageflower older vintagebrooch, older vintagea older vintagedandelion older vintageI older vintagebelieve. older vintageMarked older vintageHYG older vintageon older vintagethe older vintageback older vintagewhich older vintageI've older vintagenever older vintagebeen older vintageable older vintageto older vintagelearn older vintagemuch older vintageabout. older vintageThe older vintageflower older vintagehas older vintagea older vintageblue older vintagerhinestone older vintagecenter older vintageand older vintagesmaller older vintageaqua older vintageblue older vintagerhinestones older vintagearound older vintageit. older vintageNo older vintageflaws. older vintageHas older vintagethat older vintagematte older vintagezinc older vintagetone older vintageto older vintagethe older vintagemetal older vintagethat older vintageI older vintagehave older vintagenot older vintagepolished. older vintageMeasures older vintage3.25" older vintagetall.Ships older vintagein older vintagea older vintagegift older vintagebox.I older vintagecombine older vintageshipping older vintageon older vintagemultiple older

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