Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage celluloid ringrobins egg blue, size 7.5 / 7.75robins egg blue, pearloid marbled brown with robins egg blue inlay folk art



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Vintage celluloid ringpearloid/celluloid celluloid ringring celluloid ringin celluloid ringa celluloid ringmarbled celluloid ringbrown celluloid ringwith celluloid ringrobins celluloid ringegg celluloid ringblue celluloid ringinlay celluloid ringaround celluloid ringthe celluloid ringband celluloid ringand celluloid ringon celluloid ringthe celluloid ringface. celluloid ringSubtle celluloid ringimperfections celluloid ringto celluloid ringthe celluloid ringsurface celluloid ring(carved) celluloid ringindicative celluloid ringof celluloid ringit's celluloid ringhandmade celluloid ringnature. celluloid ringThese celluloid ringwere celluloid ringusually celluloid ringmade celluloid ringby celluloid ringenlisted celluloid ringmen celluloid ringor celluloid ringprisoners celluloid ringin celluloid ringthe celluloid ring1930s/40s celluloid ringthough celluloid ringI celluloid ringhave celluloid ringno celluloid ringspecific celluloid ringinfo celluloid ringon celluloid ringthis celluloid ringparticular celluloid ringring. celluloid ringThey celluloid ringwere celluloid ringmade celluloid ringof celluloid ringthings celluloid ringlike celluloid ringtoothbrushes, celluloid ringcombs, celluloid ringguitar celluloid ringpicks, celluloid ringand celluloid ringbroken celluloid ringbits celluloid ringwhen celluloid ringcelluloid celluloid ringwas celluloid ringa celluloid ringcommon celluloid ringhousehold celluloid ringplastic. celluloid ringFits celluloid ringmy celluloid ringring celluloid ringmandrel celluloid ringcomfortably celluloid ringat celluloid ring7.5 celluloid ringbut celluloid ringcan celluloid ringsqueeze celluloid ringdown celluloid ringto celluloid ring7.75. celluloid ringExcellent celluloid ringcondition, celluloid ringno celluloid ringflaws.Ships celluloid ringin celluloid ringa celluloid ringgift celluloid ringbox.I celluloid ringcombine celluloid ringshipping celluloid ringon celluloid ringmultiple celluloid

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