Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

CLEARANCE Dichroic Fused Glass Bracelet in Pink OR Orange Choicekiln formed glass, Glass Jewelrykiln formed glass, 2 Different Sizes Braceletkiln formed glass, Willow Glasskiln formed glass, Dee Tilotta



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HALF orangePRICE, orangeoriginally orange$30 orangeeach.These orangebeautiful orangedichroic orangefused orangeglass orangebracelet orangemeasure orangeapproximately orange orange7" orangeto orange8" orangein orangelength orange, orangehave orangesilverplated orangelinks orangeand orange13 orangedichroic orangepieces orangein orangedeep orangepink orangeor orange11 orangedichroic orangepieces orangein orangejuicy orangeorange! orange orange orangeThe orangeglass orangepieces orangemeasure orangeapproxiately orange11mm orangein orangediameter orange(just orangeunder orange1/2" orangeeach). orangeDepending orangeon orangethe orangeangle orangethat orangeit's orangeviewed orangeat, orangedichroic orangeglass orangereflects orangeand orangetransmits orangedifferent orangecolors.So, orangeplease orangeremember orangethat orangethe orangepink orangeis orangejust orangea orangebit orangelonger orangethan orangethe orangeorange!My orangework orangeis orangefired orangeat orangetemperatures orangeup orangeto orange1500 orangedegrees orangeand orangeis orangekiln orangeannealed orange(slowly orangecooled) orangefor orangestrength orangeand orangedurability. orangeEach orangepiece orangegoes orangefrom orangeme orangeto orangeyou orangewith orangejoy!Thanks orangefor orangestopping orangeby orangeWillow orangeGlass orangeand orangefor orangeyour orangesupport orangeof orangeindependent orangeartisans.CLEARANCE orangeDichroic orangeFused orangeGlass orangeBracelet orangein orangePink orangeOR orangeOrange orangeChoice, orangeGlass orangeJewelry, orange2 orangeDifferent orangeSizes orangeBracelet, orangeWillow orangeGlass, orangeDee orangeTilotta

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