Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, Vintage Skull Medusa Cameo Necklace



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The beadsperfect beadsway beadsto beadscelebrate beadsthe beadsspooky beadsseason!A beadsskull beadsMedusa beadscameo beadsis beadsmounted beadson beadsan beadsantique beadsbrass beadssetting. beads beadsCameo beadshangs beadsfrom beadsan beadsantique beadsbrass beads18" beadschain beadsis beadsadorned beadswith beadsvintage beadsgreen beadsbeads beadsand beadsvintage beadsantique beadsbrass beadsconnectors.**Note: beadsPlease beadsbe beadsaware beadsthat beadsthere beadsmay beadsbe beadsa beadsslight beadsvariation beadsin beadsshade beads& beadscolor beadsdue beadsto beadsthe beadsmonitor beadsyou beadsare beadsviewing beadsthe beadspicture beadson. beadsxo

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