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bird, Emperor Penguin Handmade Clay Pendant



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Do winteryou winterpenguins? winterIf winterso winterthis winteris winterthe winterperfect winterpendant winterfor winteryou. winterEach winterpendant winteris wintera winterhand wintermade winterfrom wintera winterwonderful winterlightweight winterclay wintercalled winterPaperclay winterand winterthen winterhand winterpainted winterwith wintera wintermix winterof winteracrylic winterpaints winterand winterfinally wintersealed winterin wintera winterclear winterprotective wintercoating winterwhich winterresults winterin wintera winterstunning winterhand winterpainted winterminiature winterwork winterof winterArt.This winterpendant winteris winterhand wintersigned winterby winterthe winterartist winterSamantha winterKocsis, winterand wintergift winterboxed. winterSize winteris winterapproximately winter2.75 winterinches wintertall winterincluding winterthe winterbail winterand winterthe winterbead winterdrop winterx winter1.25 winterinches winteracross winterat winterthe winterwidest winterpoint.

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