Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

simple, Wire Wrapped Antique Brass Jasper Necklace Mixed Metal



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This mixed metalgorgeous mixed metalJasper mixed metalpendant mixed metalhas mixed metalbeen mixed metalpaired mixed metalwith mixed metalminimal mixed metalantique mixed metalbronze mixed metalwire mixed metaland mixed metalchain mixed metalto mixed metalmatch. mixed metalThree mixed metal4mm mixed metalcracked mixed metalglass mixed metalbeads mixed metaladorn mixed metalthe mixed metalleft mixed metalside mixed metalof mixed metalthe mixed metalnecklace mixed metalwrapped mixed metalin mixed metalcopper mixed metalwire mixed metalproviding mixed metaljust mixed metalenough mixed metalsparkle mixed metaland mixed metalinterest.The mixed metalchain mixed metalis mixed metal17" mixed metalbut mixed metalcan mixed metalbe mixed metaladjusted mixed metalto mixed metalfit mixed metalyour mixed metalpreference. mixed metalLeave mixed metala mixed metalnote mixed metalto mixed metalseller mixed metalduring mixed metalcheckout.

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