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Earrings:Title: funny earringsfairy funny earringson funny earringsthe funny earringsmoon funny earringsearringsMaterial: funny earringsmetal funny earrings- funny earringsnickel funny earringsfreeColour: funny earringsSilverFigure funny earringsmeasure funny earringsapprox: funny earrings29 funny earringsmm funny earringsx funny earrings26 funny earringsmmmeasure funny earringsaprox.: funny earrings49 funny earringsmm funny earringslongThe funny earringsearring funny earringscomes funny earringspacked funny earrings.All funny earringsour funny earringsjewelry funny earringscome funny earringsgift funny earringswrappedWe funny earringsare funny earringsshipping funny earringsall funny earringsjewelry funny earringssafely funny earringspacked funny earringsin funny earringsbubble funny earringsmailers funny earringson funny earringsfirst funny earringspriority funny earringsshipping.For funny earringsthis funny earringsitem funny earringsthe funny earringsshipping funny earringsincludes funny earringstrackingPlease funny earringscheck funny earringsmy funny earringsshop funny earringspolicies funny earringsfor funny earringsmore funny earringsdetails funny earringsregarding funny earringsshipping funny earringspayment.

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