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christina welch art, Bloom Box Resin Finish



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What christina welcha christina welchglorious christina welchbloom christina welchbox. christina welch christina welchThis christina welchtop christina welchis christina welchthe christina welch"Bloom" christina welchtechnique christina welchtaking christina welchover christina welchthe christina welchart christina welchworld christina welchcurrently. christina welch christina welchI christina welchfinished christina welchthis christina welchbox christina welchtop christina welchwith christina welchresin christina welchand christina welchpainted christina welchthe christina welchedge christina welchand christina welchback christina welchof christina welchcover christina welchwith christina welchgilding christina welchpaint. christina welch christina welchInside christina welchand christina welchoutside christina welchof christina welchbox christina welchbottom christina welchis christina welchpainted christina welchwith christina welchacrylic. christina welch christina welchI christina welchapplied christina welcha christina welchcork christina welchbottom. christina welch christina welchEach christina welchpiece christina welchis christina welchsigned. christina welch christina welchThe christina welch9 christina welchounce christina welchcup christina welchin christina welchphoto christina welchis christina welchfor christina welchsize christina welchreference.Measures christina welchDiameter: christina welch5 christina welch1/16"Height: christina welch1 christina welch9/16"

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