Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bloom, Bloom Box Resin Finish



In stock



What jewelry boxa jewelry boxglorious jewelry boxbloom jewelry boxbox. jewelry box jewelry boxThis jewelry boxtop jewelry boxis jewelry boxthe jewelry box"Bloom" jewelry boxtechnique jewelry boxtaking jewelry boxover jewelry boxthe jewelry boxart jewelry boxworld jewelry boxcurrently. jewelry box jewelry boxI jewelry boxfinished jewelry boxthis jewelry boxbox jewelry boxtop jewelry boxwith jewelry boxresin jewelry boxand jewelry boxpainted jewelry boxthe jewelry boxedge jewelry boxand jewelry boxback jewelry boxof jewelry boxcover jewelry boxwith jewelry boxgilding jewelry boxpaint. jewelry box jewelry boxInside jewelry boxand jewelry boxoutside jewelry boxof jewelry boxbox jewelry boxbottom jewelry boxis jewelry boxpainted jewelry boxwith jewelry boxacrylic. jewelry box jewelry boxI jewelry boxapplied jewelry boxa jewelry boxcork jewelry boxbottom. jewelry box jewelry boxEach jewelry boxpiece jewelry boxis jewelry boxsigned. jewelry box jewelry boxThe jewelry box9 jewelry boxounce jewelry boxcup jewelry boxin jewelry boxphoto jewelry boxis jewelry boxfor jewelry boxsize jewelry boxreference.Measures jewelry boxDiameter: jewelry box5 jewelry box1/16"Height: jewelry box1 jewelry box9/16"

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