Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s 70s vintage figural dog brooch pinvintage dog brooch, color block mod hound



In stock



I 1970s jewelrydon't 1970s jewelryknow 1970s jewelrya 1970s jewelrydarn 1970s jewelrything 1970s jewelryabout 1970s jewelrythis 1970s jewelryvintage 1970s jewelrybrooch 1970s jewelrybesides 1970s jewelryit 1970s jewelrybeing 1970s jewelrypretty 1970s jewelrycool. 1970s jewelryThe 1970s jewelrydog 1970s jewelryis 1970s jewelrymade 1970s jewelryof 1970s jewelrygold 1970s jewelrytone 1970s jewelrymetal 1970s jewelrywith 1970s jewelrydifferent 1970s jewelrycolor 1970s jewelryhard 1970s jewelryplastic/resin 1970s jewelryfeatures. 1970s jewelryThe 1970s jewelryoriginal 1970s jewelrytag 1970s jewelryon 1970s jewelrythe 1970s jewelryback 1970s jewelryis 1970s jewelrypartially 1970s jewelryreadable, 1970s jewelrybut 1970s jewelrynot 1970s jewelryenough 1970s jewelryto 1970s jewelryoffer 1970s jewelryme 1970s jewelryinfo. 1970s jewelryExcellent 1970s jewelrycondition, 1970s jewelryno 1970s jewelryflaws. 1970s jewelryMeasures 1970s jewelry3.25" 1970s jewelrytall 1970s jewelryx 1970s jewelryabout 1970s jewelry2".I 1970s jewelrycombine 1970s jewelryshipping 1970s jewelryon 1970s jewelrymultiple 1970s

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