Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lampwork, Hand Blown Glass Blue Flower Pendant



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Size hand blownis hand blownapproximately hand blown3/4" hand blownto hand blown1" hand blownwide\r\rPendant hand blowncomes hand blownwith hand blownfree hand blownblack hand blownsatin hand blowncord!\r\rMade hand blownof hand blownBorosilicate hand blownGlass\r\rThis hand blownlampwork hand blownflower hand blownpendant hand blownis hand blownmy hand blownmost hand blownpopular hand blowndesign hand blownyet! hand blownIt hand blownis hand blownsimple hand blownand hand blownelegant hand blownand hand blownthe hand blowncolors hand blowninside hand blownjust hand blownseem hand blownto hand blownexplode hand blownwhen hand blownthe hand blownsunlight hand blownstrikes hand blownthem. hand blownI hand blownround hand blownout hand blownthe hand blownfront hand blownto hand blownachieve hand blowna hand blownlens-like hand blowneffect hand blownthat hand blownmakes hand blownthe hand blownflower hand blownlook hand blownvery hand blownthree hand blowndimensional.\r\rPlease hand blownnote hand blownthat hand blownyou hand blownwill hand blownnot hand blownreceive hand blownthe hand blownexact hand blownitem hand blownpictured, hand blownbut hand blowna hand blownunique hand blownpiece hand blownvery hand blownsimilar hand blownto hand blownit hand blownand hand blownjust hand blownas hand blownbeautiful.

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