Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rings, chrysophrase drop halo earrings. faceted apple green drops on brushed sterling silver hoops by val b.



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simple hoopslove hoopsthe hoopsminty hoopsapple hoopsgreen hoopshue hoopsof hoopsgenuine hoopschrysophrase. hoopsfaceted hoopsdrops hoopsof hoopsthe hoopssemi-precious hoopsstones hoopshand hoopsfrom hoopsbrushed hoopssterling hoopssilver hoopshoops. hoopsI hoopscan hoopshand-oxidize hoopsthe hoopssilver hoopsat hoopsyour hoopsrequest. hoopsmeasure hoopsapprox. hoops1 hoops1/4" hoops(3.2 hoopscm) hoopsfrom hoopsthe hoopssterling hoopsear hoopswires.handmade hoopsby hoopsme hoopsin hoopsthe hoopssierra hoopsmountains.

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