Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

floral, jade-green vintage pressed glass and pink czech glass dagger bead bauble earrings by val b.



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vintage sterling silverpressed-glass sterling silverbeads sterling silverof sterling silvera sterling silverlovely sterling silverjade sterling silvergreen sterling silverhue sterling silverhave sterling silverintricate sterling silverimpressions sterling silverof sterling silverflowers sterling silverand sterling silverfoliage. sterling silveraccented sterling silverby sterling silvera sterling silverdeep sterling silverpink sterling silverdagger sterling silverbead sterling silverwith sterling silveran sterling silveraurora sterling silverborealis sterling silverfinish sterling silverand sterling silverconnected sterling silverby sterling silveroxidized sterling silversterling sterling silversilver, sterling silverthese sterling silverearrings sterling silvermeasure sterling silverapprox. sterling silver1 sterling silver1/4" sterling silver(3.2 sterling silvercm) sterling silverfrom sterling silverthe sterling silverear sterling silverwires.handmade sterling silverby sterling silverme sterling silverin sterling silverthe sterling silversierras.

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