Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

shell, Multicolored Mother of Pearl Necklace



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This long necklacenecklace long necklaceis long necklacea long necklacevery long necklacelovely long necklacemother long necklaceof long necklacepearl long necklacenecklace long necklaceset long necklacewith long necklacegreen\rswarovski long necklacecrystals long necklaceand long necklacedonut long necklaceshell long necklacependant long necklacebeads. long necklace long necklaceIt long necklaceis long necklacelong long necklaceand long necklacedoes\rnot long necklacehave long necklacea long necklaceclasp long necklacebecause long necklacethe long necklacelarge long necklacesilver long necklacechain long necklaceis long necklacelong long necklaceenough long necklaceto long necklaceplace\rover long necklaceyour long necklaceneck long necklacewithout long necklacehassle long necklaceof long necklacefastening long necklacea long necklaceclasp.

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