Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pale purple, mini lavender pearly buds and bows earrings. vintage lucite and antiqued brass by val b.



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use bowcoupon bowcode bow15OFF12 bowto bowreceive bow15% bowoff bowyour boworder bowfrom bownov bow21-27, bow2012!\r\rthese bowabsolutely bowadorable bowand bowversatile bowlittle bowearrings bowwill bowsoften bowany bowoutfit bowin bowany bowseason. bowvintage bow bowpearly bowlucite bowand bowbrass bowflower bowbud bowcharms bowhang bowoff bowof bowantiquedd bowbrass bowbows bowand bowkidney bowwires. bowmeasure bowapprox. bow1 bow3/4" bow(4.5 bowcm) bowlong bowin bowtotal.\r\rhandmade bowby bowme bowin bowthe bowsierras.

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