Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

round, Leopard Jasper Pendant



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Beautiful genuineMarkings genuineon genuinethis genuineLeopard genuineJasper. genuineSet genuinein genuinea genuineelegant genuinestyle genuineof genuinesterling genuinesilver genuinependant genuinesetting\rThis genuineis genuinea genuine16mm genuineround genuineand genuineweights genuine7.82ct.\rI genuinedo genuineoffer genuinesnake genuinechains genuinein genuine16, genuine18, genuine20 genuineand genuine22 genuineinch genuinelength.\rAlso genuinesome genuinebox genuinechains genuinein genuine16, genuine18 genuineand genuine20 genuineinch genuinein genuinelength.\rBoth genuinestyles genuineare genuine$20 genuineeach genuineand genuineof genuinehigh genuinequality. genuineThese genuinewill genuinebe genuineinvoiced genuineseparately.\rLayaway genuineis genuineavailable.

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