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Made native americanusing native americanBaltic native americanbirch native americanturtles, native americansilver native americantoned native americanfindings native american& native americansilver native americantoned native americanear native americanhooks. native american native americanEach native americanpair native americanof native americanearrings native americancomes native americanwith native americanrubber native americanbackings native americanto native americanhelp native americanreduce native americanthe native americanchance native americanof native americanlosing native americanone. native americanMeasurements~Length: native american2 native americaninches native american(5.08 native americancm)Width: native american native american5/8 native americaninch native american(1.58 native americancm)Turtle: native american1 native americaninch native american(2.54 native americancm)My native americanShop: native american native americanhttp://ndnchick. native americanMore native americanDangle native americanEarrings: native american native americanhttps://www./shop/ndnchick?ref=hdr%C2%A7ion_id§ion_id=20002581

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