Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewellery, Hand Blown Glass Amber Daisy Pendant



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Size floweris flowerapproximately flower3/4" flowerto flower1" flowerwide\r\rPendant flowercomes flowerwith flowerfree flowerblack flowersatin flowercord!\r\rMade flowerof flowerBorosilicate flowerGlass\r\rThis flowerlampwork flowerdaisy flowerpendant floweris flowerone flowerof flowerthe flowermost flowerrealistic flowerlooking flowerpendants flowerI flowermake. flowerIt floweris flowersimple flowerand flowerelegant flowerand flowerthe flowercolors flowerinside flowerjust flowerseem flowerto flowerexplode flowerwhen flowerthe flowersunlight flowerstrikes flowerthem. flowerI flowerround flowerout flowerthe flowerfront flowerto flowerachieve flowera flowerlens-like flowereffect flowerthat flowermakes flowerthe flowerflower flowerlook flowervery flowerthree flowerdimensional.\r\rPlease flowernote flowerthat floweryou flowerwill flowernot flowerreceive flowerthe flowerexact floweritem flowerpictured, flowerbut flowera flowerunique flowerpiece flowervery flowersimilar flowerto flowerit flowerand flowerjust floweras flowerbeautiful.

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