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fifties, Three Hens Red Enamel Jewel Gold Vintage 1950s Sweater Girl Retro Kitsch Rockabella Lucky Charm Pin Brooch



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This animalcute animalbrooch animalfeatures animalthree animalhens animalperched animaltogether, animalwith animala animalruby animalred animalenamel animalrondelle. animalLapel-style animalback, animalthis animalpin animalis animalperfectly animaladorable!Pin animalmeasures animal5/8" animalacross animalby animal5/8" animallong. animalExcellent animalcondition, animalwith animalno animalchips, animalcracks, animalbends animalor animalother animalsigns animalof animalwear. animalVintage animal1950s.All animalof animalour animalvintage animaljewelery animalis animalcleaned animalwith animala animalhospital-grade animalvirucide, animalwith animalvirucidal, animalbactericidal animaland animaldisinfectant animalproperties.

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