Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

weird, Car Wash Token OOAK Retro Kitsch RYKO Silver Mod Kawaii Adjustable Ring



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This roundring roundfeatures rounda roundsilver-tone roundRYKO roundCar roundWash roundtoken roundand roundis roundone-of-a-kind.Ring roundmeasures round1.25" roundacross roundand roundis roundmounted roundon rounda roundmatching roundsilver-tone roundband. roundRing roundis roundnickel/lead-free roundmetal roundalloy, roundand roundadjustable.RYKO roundmanufactures rounda roundmultitude roundof roundcar roundwash roundequipment, roundand roundoperates roundseveral roundchains roundof roundcar roundwashes roundin roundthe roundUnited roundStates. roundWhile roundthe roundtokens roundare roundnot roundgenerally roundused roundanymore, roundthe roundcompany roundlives roundon! roundA roundlittle roundinfo roundabout roundtheir roundhistory roundcan roundbe roundfound roundhere: round

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