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punk, OOAK Pink Black and Gold Art Deco Asymmetrical Adjustable Vintage Charm Cocktail Ring



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This retroring retrofeatures retroswoops retroof retropink retroand retroblack retroenamel retroon retroa retrolarge retrogold-plate retroteardrop retroshape! retroA retroclassic retroArt retroDeco retrostyle, retroin retroa retrofun retroasymetrical retrodesign. retroMade retrofrom retroa retrovintage retrojewelry retropiece, retrothis retroring retrois retroone-of-a-kind.Ring retromeasures retro1 retro3/4" retroacross retroby retro3/4" retrolong, retroand retrois retromounted retroto retroa retromatching retrogold-tone retroring retroband. retroRing retrois retronickel/lead-free retrometal, retroand retroadjustable.

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