Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

plastic, OOAK Pink and White Glossy Round Button Retro Kitsch Eye Popping Adjustable Filigree Band Ring



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This plasticring plasticfeatures plastica plasticbold plasticand plasticbright plasticpink plasticbutton-style plasticrounded plasticcircle plasticto plasticparade plasticon plasticyour plasticfinger! plasticMade plasticfrom plastica plasticvintage plasticjewelry plasticpiece, plasticthis plasticring plasticis plasticone-of-a-kind.Ring plasticmeasures plastic1" plasticacross, plasticand plasticis plasticmounted plasticon plastica plasticperfectly plasticcontrasting plasticwhite plasticfiligree plasticadjustable plasticring. plasticRing plasticis plasticnickel/lead-free plasticmetal, plasticand plasticadjustable.

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