Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pierced, Vintage 1950s Stunning Silver and Rhinestone Leaf Bud Signs of Spring Pierced Post Style Backs Pinup Burlesque Jewelry Earrings



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A naturestunning naturedesign natureof naturerhinestone natureleaves naturebudding natureoff naturea natureshiny naturesilver natureplate naturebranch! natureFeatures naturefive natureperfect naturestones natureeach, naturethat naturecatch naturethe naturelight naturejust natureperfectly. naturePretty naturereticulated naturedesign natureallows naturethe naturebranches natureto naturedangle naturejust natureright, natureand naturecatch naturethe naturelight, naturefor naturea naturemaximum natureshimmer!Earrings naturemeasure nature3/8" natureacross, natureby nature7/8" naturelong, naturewith naturepierced naturepost naturestyle naturebacks. naturePerfect naturecondition, naturewith natureno natureloose natureor naturemissing naturestones, natureno naturecracks, naturebends, naturetarnish, natureor naturesigns natureof naturewear. natureVintage nature1950s.All natureof natureour naturevintage naturejewelry natureis naturecleaned naturewith naturea naturehospital-grade naturevirucide, naturewith naturevirucidal, naturebactericidal natureand naturedisinfectant natureproperties.

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