Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fifties, Vintage 1950s Ornate Heart Gold and Shimmering Crystal Pink Gem Accent Pierced Post Backs Drop Earrings



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Beautifully flowerdetailed flowergold flowerplate flowerfiligree flowerhearts, flowerwith flowera flowerpretty flowerswirl flowerpattern, floweradorned flowerwith floweriridescent flowerauthentic flowercrystals! flowerThese flowercatch flowerthe flowerlight flowerjust flowerright, flowerand flowerare flowerhung flowerfrom flowera flowerpretty floweramethyst flowercoloured flowerstone, flowerin flowera flowerunique flowerflorette flowersetting. flowerEach flowerearring flowerfeatures flowersix flowerlovely flowercrystals, flowerand flowerfeatures flowersurgical flowersteel flowerpierced flowerpost flowerbacks. flowerFiligree flowerdetail floweris floweralso flowerfeatured floweron flowerthe flowerback.Earrings flowermeasure flower5/8" floweracross, flowerby flower1" flowerlong. flowerExcellent flowercondition, flowerwith flowerno flowerloose floweror flowermissing flowerstones, flowerno flowerchips, flowercracks, flowerbends, flowertarnish, floweror flowerother flowersigns flowerof flowerwear.All flowerof flowerour flowervintage flowerjewelry floweris flowercleaned flowerwith flowera flowerhospital-grade flowervirucide, flowerwith flowervirucidal, flowerbactericidal flowerand flowerdisinfectant flowerproperties.

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