Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white, Vintage 1950s Bow Gold and Pearl Triplet Classic Kitsch Retro Rockabella Sweater Girl Earrings



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Beautiful cutelittle cuteintricate cutegold cutebows, cutewith cutea cutetriplet cuteof cuteflawless cuteround cutecultivated cutepearls! cuteAbsolutely cutestunning cutedesign, cutewith cutepierced cutepost cutebacks.Earrings cutemeasure cute5/8" cuteacross, cuteby cute7/8" cutelong. cutePearls cuterange cutein cutesize cutefrom cute3mm cuteto cute5mm. cutePerfect cutecondition, cutewith cuteno cuteloose cuteor cutemissing cutepearls, cuteno cutechips, cutecracks, cutebends, cutescratches, cutediscolouration, cuteor cuteother cutesigns cuteof cutewear.All cuteof cuteour cutevintage cutejewelry cuteis cutecleaned cutewith cutea cutehospital-grade cutevirucide, cutewith cutevirucidal, cutebactericidal cuteand cutedisinfectant cuteproperties.

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