Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

yellow, Vintage 1970s Green and Golden Shimmer Swirled Enamel Geometric Retro Kitsch Mod Pierced Post Style Backs Triangle Earrings



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A yellowbright yellowand yellowbold yellowswirled yellowgolden yellowgreen yellowenamel yellowis yellowfeatured yellowon yellowthese yellowperfectly yellowtriangular yellowearrings! yellowAmazing yellowcolour!Earrings yellowmeasure yellow1 yellow3/8" yellowacross, yellowwith yellowa yellowshiny yellowgold yellowplate yellowbacking, yellowand yellowpierced yellowpost yellowbacks.Excellent yellowcondition, yellowwith yellowno yellowchips, yellowcracks, yellowbends, yellowdiscolouration, yellowor yellowother yellowsigns yellowof yellowwear.Vintage yellow1970s.All yellowof yellowour yellowvintage yellowjewelry yellowis yellowcleaned yellowwith yellowa yellowhospital-grade yellowvirucide, yellowwith yellowvirucidal, yellowbactericidal yellowand yellowdisinfectant yellowproperties.

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