Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

clip back, Vintage 1950s Gold and Pearl Classic Swing and Chain Retro Kitsch Pinup Burlesque Jewelry NonPierced Clip Back Dangle Earrings



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Pretty droppearlized dropglass dropbeads dropdangle dropdaintily dropfrom dropdelicate dropgold droptone dropchain! dropSo dropclassic dropand droplovely, dropthey dropare drophung dropfrom dropmatching dropclip dropbacks.Earrings dropmeasure drop1.75" droplong. dropExcellent dropcondition, dropwith dropno dropchips, dropcracks, dropbends, dropdiscolouration, dropor dropother dropsigns dropof dropwear.Vintage drop1950s.All dropof dropour dropvintage dropjewelry dropis dropcleaned dropwith dropa drophospital-grade dropvirucide, dropwith dropvirucidal, dropbactericidal dropand dropdisinfectant dropproperties.

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